Written surgery

[A]T THIS SECOND, there is surgery in progress.

There is no hospital, but there are slices and cuts.

Let me explain.

When I worked at the newspaper, my editors met one-on-one with me often to edit my stories.

My friend and sports editor liked to say he’d “slice them up.”

He’d seek out the errors in them, mark them with a red pen and then cut them out until the story was fit to print.

It was basically written surgery.

I learned a lot, just from watching what he cut and listening to why certain cuts were made.

Later, I became an editor and did my share of story surgeries.

I’m looking at a paper now, for another friend, which is why this post is so late and so short.

The operation is almost over.

All I have to do is close it up and send it on its way.

Then I can get some sleep.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is “seek.”

3 thoughts on “Written surgery”

  1. Casey: This one sounds like my freshmen English teacher in college. Ouch! However,you learned well. I am still declaring my “OUCH”. But I enjoy trying. Good post.

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