He sought an elixir

The worries on his mind were more,

than he’d ever worried before.

He was afraid he’d have to beg,

For his back was out, and so was his leg.

He fell from a stilt

so his house wasn’t built

but that wasn’t the worst thing at all.

Since his house wasn’t built,

‘cause he fell from a stilt,

he lived with his mother-in-law.

She fought and she fussed,

she yelled and she cussed.

He knew he could not stand much more.

He sought an elixir,

A potion to fix her,

so he went to the old drug store.

When he got there,

The cabinet was bare,

and the druggist nowhere to be found.

He sat in a chair,

a cat caught his stare,

and he barely noticed a hound.

After a while,

He managed a smile,

For the druggist was in the back room.

He was standing there

with his hands in his hair,

while a woman swept up with a broom.

The druggist walked out,

and wandered about,

and the man who on him came to call,

walked up to the bar,

And lifted a jar,

and talked of his mother-in-law.

“This new elixir,

it should do the trick, sir,”

the druggist did say with a wink.

“This magic elixir, it will surely fix her,

If only you’ll just take a drink.”

The man grabbed the jar,

picked it up from the bar,

and swallowed the liquid on down.

It tasted bad,

the worst drink he’d had,

and the smell of the stuff made him frown.

All of the potion,

caused a commotion,

and then put his head in a fog.

His thoughts swam with motion,

and he had a notion,

He felt the hot breath of a dog.

And just like that,

He ran fast from the cat.

For the woman he saw,

was his mother-in-law,

and she’d turned him into a rat.

This is my attempt for today’s WordPress Discover prompt, “elixir.”

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