Media Days is coming

Football is near.

I could write the tired post about how it’s in the air or how I’ve come down with football fever, but that’s obvious and it’s been done before.
This week is a packed one in the world of sports.
The All-Star Game is Tuesday. SEC Media Days starts.
The annual football media blitz is the harbinger of the upcoming season, and people in the South take it seriously.
For those who may not know, SEC Media Days is an event, a four-day one this year, when reporters and SEC football coaches come together for press conferences.
A range of questions fly from reporters toward coaches on a dais.
The University of South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier is usually the highlight of the event, along with the endless amount of available Dr. Pepper.
Star athletes from each of the conference’s 14 teams provide player’s perspective.
All in all, SEC Media Days is fun, but it only makes me wish for football season even more.

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