A hundred words about a journey

He ran.

Down the pitch-black corridor he flew. This was not an easy sprint, but something within said it must be completed. Suddenly, he turned sharply to the left. He went through a doorway, took two steps to the right and stopped on a dime. For a few fleeting moments he felt relief, but quickly turned around and began another sprint. Through the doorway and back up the darkened hall he ran.

He was pleased to return to the recliner just before the commercial ended and the second act of the newest episode of “How I Met Your Mother” began.


My 100-word posts are inspired by a WordPress blog called All of 100. The authors of the site, which has been operating since 2009, committed to write 100 words a day – no more, no less. I decided to take up the challenge because I thought it might help me write more concisely. It is more difficult than I thought.

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