TODAY I PUT a bow on another work week, for which I earned another check.

Tonight I thought about what a blessing it is to be able to type such a sentence in such crazy times.



It’s not my favorite color, but it’s associated with some of my favorite things.


Grass on baseball and football fields.


It’s time for me to go to sleep so I can go to work and make some more green.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is, “green.”

This is it.

With this post, I have written something every day for the last month.

I am grateful to WordPress Discover for these prompts, which is great because today’s WordPress Discover prompt is “grateful.”

Sometimes, things just work out well.


A notebook is a type of article full of notes about different topics or extra information for which a reporter couldn’t find a place in a story.

Since today’s WordPress Discover prompt is “note,” I thought I’d jot down some random ones.


This story stinks.

It’s a quick story about how I spent parts of my summer vacations, and how I learned the value of hard work.

It’s a story filled with scents which bring back childhood memories for me and make most other people want to throw up.


Time is a funny thing.

Sometimes it goes slow. Sometimes it goes by in a blink.

We think we have all of the time in the world, but we are guaranteed only this moment.

I’ve been jarred by the reality of how brief life really is on more than one occasion.

One such reminder came while I took notes on a high school basketball game.

I haven’t looked at life the same way since.


I quit.
For a pretty good while last Thursday night, those two words were the only ones on the computer screen in front of me.
I’d even joked about a plan to simply leave this column blank except the above words and ride off into the proverbial sunset. (more…)