It is Canada Day, the perfect time to revisit the reason I have a passport.


A podcast episode I heard tonight took me back to the Lincoln Memorial steps.

When I stood on them last year I’d known giants of the Civil Rights Movement had also stood there.

Tonight, thanks to a bonus episode of The Washington Post’s “Presidential” podcast, which has episodes about United States president’s lives and leadership, I heard an earlier civil rights giant’s story in a new way.


The Lord did not bless me with good eyesight.

When I got an eye test at school, I believe I had 20/70 vision.

I got glasses just in time for a family vacation to Pennsylvania.

It was my first trip to the North.

We went to places like Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Hersey Park and Gettysburg.

I saw it all.


It is a challenge to write every day,

I haven’t been able to write every day, or just didn’t want to, for much of my writing life.

Then, in the middle of a coronavirus quarantine when routines were forced to change and the world no longer spun quite so fast, WordPress Discover brought back daily prompts.


We learn how to stand in a line in kindergarten or earlier.

I guess the reason is order or control.

Lines last throughout our lives.




Drive thrus.


Airport security.

I’ve been in plenty of lines.

This is a story about a time I got in the wrong one.