Whoever said if you stare at a blank screen long enough you’ll find something to write about lied.
They lied through their teeth.
My screen isn’t blank anymore, but I feel like my brain is.
I had an idea for a football-themed series, but football season doesn’t start for weeks.
Weeks of staring at a blank screen.
Fortunately, TBS has established a nightly block of “The Big Bang Theory.”
That reminds me to thank CBS for renewing it for three years so I’ll have something to watch besides my blank screen.
Well, I guess they told the truth after all.

I missed an episode of “The Big Bang Theory.” I watched online, but sat through four or five ads when the show got to where they put commercials for people with a free Thursday night. I’ll watch one ad during my online TV, two if I’m feeling jolly, but five is ridiculous. I don’t care to learn how, if I use a certain credit card, I can have a cash back concierge. If I did, I’d watch the show on TV. No, I wouldn’t. I’d DVR it and fast forward the commercials. Next time I’ll remember to erase the DVR.

My 100-word posts are inspired by a WordPress blog called All of 100. The authors of the site, which has been operating since 2009, committed to write 100 words a day – no more, no less. I decided to take up the challenge because I thought it might help me write more concisely. It is more difficult than I thought.