We have come to the end of another month so I thought now would be as good a time as any to go on a written journey back through the days of June.


The Lord did not bless me with good eyesight.

When I got an eye test at school, I believe I had 20/70 vision.

I got glasses just in time for a family vacation to Pennsylvania.

It was my first trip to the North.

We went to places like Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Hersey Park and Gettysburg.

I saw it all.


Apart from the occasional trip to Atlanta or tourist destinations, I didn’t have much to do with what most people call “big” cities until my sister and brother-in-law moved to Michigan five years ago.

Most of what I knew about “city life” I heard in stereotypes or on TV shows.


I have tried to gather my thoughts on what has happened in America in the last week.

I have not been able to gather them well yet, I don’t think.

I know I haven’t gathered them well enough for rational comment, other than the next few sentences.


Last Saturday, Mama and I took another trip to the Alabama Department of Archives and History in Montgomery.
We’d been once before, when we randomly decided we’d make the hour-plus drive to see what the archives had to offer, and we weren’t disappointed.
The archives were different last weekend, but in a good way. (more…)