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Heartbreak and history

It was just another Tuesday, and I was just another 15-year-old sophomore in high school. My mind had little regard for anything except girls, sports, what I’d eat for lunch and how I’d get through math class. I didn’t have a cell phone or a driver’s license. I was nowhere near New York City or ...

Booth 91

If you want to talk about how kindness is an afterthought in the world today, you’ll just have to find someone else who will listen. I don’t dispute there’s a lot less kindness than there once was, and I know the world could use a lot more, but there’s still some here. I know. I’ve ...

About the end of an era

I have recently learned something new. It is a peculiar thing to quit a job. Since my last day at the newspaper, a few things have happened. One has been a little more difficult to figure out how to respond to than others.