WHEN ONE LISTENS and observes, one tends to notice things and learn.


Instruments are most often associated with music.

After yesterday’s post I don’t want to talk about music for a while.

WordPress Discover seems bent on it, though, because yesterday’s prompt was “music” and today’s prompt is “instrument.”

Words can be instruments, too, which is lucky for me.

Along with a post which brought back buried musical memories, yesterday gave me a glimpse of how words can be used as instruments of kindness.



When you were born Feb. 20, I was elated. A lot of things ran through my mind at once when I thought about you, mostly pride and a plan to travel the length of the country twice in a weekend to see you.

My pride has only deepened in the six days you’ve been here, especially since I heard you’ve already peed on your mama.

My plan didn’t happen, but there’s another one in the works and we’ve been officially introduced on FaceTime.

Since I wrote to your sisters shortly after they were born, I thought I’d try to write down some things you might need to know about life.


Last night I listened to the rain for a while before I realized I had nothing substantial to put in this post and my mind drifted to muses.

Mythological muses were known for inspiration.

It turns out muses are no different in the real world.