THIS IS A TALE of two treats.

It’s not long, because I wrote some of it in the last 10 minutes of my lunch.

I bought myself two treats, which happened to be in my truck with me during my break.


It is a challenge to write every day,

I haven’t been able to write every day, or just didn’t want to, for much of my writing life.

Then, in the middle of a coronavirus quarantine when routines were forced to change and the world no longer spun quite so fast, WordPress Discover brought back daily prompts.


Like most people, I have climbed a lot of hills in my life.

Actually, I probably haven’t climbed as many as most people, but I’ve climbed my share.

I climbed the stairs up one of the Kolomoki mounds in Georgia once.

I stood on the top and felt proud of myself.

I’ve been to Capitol Hill.

I guess I could write about those hills, but I’d rather tell you about how a hill helped me get healthier.


A week or so ago I social distanced on the bank of Lake Eufaula in a lawn chair.

I’d sat there for a while, with a can of worms on the ground, a pink rod and reel in one hand and a phone in the other.

My sister was on the other end of the line so she could look at the lake while she cooked supper for her family.

She had just shown me a piece of bacon when something strange happened.

I got a bite.


Southerners are really good at food. It is a fact of life. Some of us can really cook it. Some of us can really eat it.

The real gems can do both.

They usually have restaurants with names like “Big Daddy’s BBQ.”

Food is a way of life here, and it’s important.

I’m not sure if I have the words to tell you just how important food is to Southern people so I’ll just present a fact from my life as evidence.

Mama once made me a meatloaf cake with mashed-potato icing for my birthday. I kid you not.

I had a hard time with what to write for today’s WordPress Discover prompt, which is dish.

I think I’ll try to write a poem, because I’m running out of time.

Maybe I can make it rhyme.