Like most people, I have climbed a lot of hills in my life.

Actually, I probably haven’t climbed as many as most people, but I’ve climbed my share.

I climbed the stairs up one of the Kolomoki mounds in Georgia once.

I stood on the top and felt proud of myself.

I’ve been to Capitol Hill.

I guess I could write about those hills, but I’d rather tell you about how a hill helped me get healthier.


The crazy time happens just before dark.

Today, I’d been home from work for a little while, and I got another chance to do what’s become part of my routine since “coronavirus” and “quarantine” became parts of regular conversations.

I sit on the front porch in a rocking chair and read.

I cracked a new book open today, but I didn’t get through the prologue before it started.

It was the crazy time, when those crazy things come from who knows where and try to eat me alive.


This is it.

With this post, I have written something every day for the last month.

I am grateful to WordPress Discover for these prompts, which is great because today’s WordPress Discover prompt is “grateful.”

Sometimes, things just work out well.