I AM READY to start traveling again.

I like my paycheck so I’ll stay within a certain radius, but my wanderlust has returned and the list of places I’ll try to see has grown.


We learn how to stand in a line in kindergarten or earlier.

I guess the reason is order or control.

Lines last throughout our lives.




Drive thrus.


Airport security.

I’ve been in plenty of lines.

This is a story about a time I got in the wrong one.


This is a handwritten story about my hands.

Since today’s WordPress Discover prompt is “hands,” I thought now would be a good time to share it.

Chances are I’ll never win an award for penmanship so if you can’t read the chicken scratch in the pictures, there’s a transcript after the jump.


I might have taken one or two usable photos in my journalism career. I like to think I’ve gotten a little better at less blurry pictures.

I thought I’d revisit my family’s trip on part of Route 66 since today’s WordPress Discover prompt is “street,” but I couldn’t find any pictures of The Main Street of America’s pavement I actually took.

I did find some pictures of streets on my IPhone camera roll so I put them in a gallery. There’s some info about each picture after the “more…” jump if you’re interested in a little backstory.

I hope these pictures bring memories of your happy times on the open road.


I’ve always enjoyed open spaces, but they’ve taken on a little more importance since so many places are closed right now and people are cooped up in their houses because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s also the second day of WordPress Discover prompts, in which I have resolved to participate just to see if I can manage a post every day in April.

Today’s prompt is “open.”

Since I don’t want to sit and fret about what’s closed for the foreseeable future, I figured I’d jot down a few snippets of my memories from places like parks and prairies.

Read on if you care to join me for a walk through the open spaces in my mind.