Quotable: From a scientist

Scientist Maxwell Maltz has a pretty cool last name.
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The reason I write

Each time I get writer’s block, which is often, I look for writing prompts to make the light bulb come on.
It’s generally a good bet no matter which list of prompts I read, the question of why I write — or some variation of it — will be included.
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Quotable: The coolness quotient

Kenny Loggins, of Loggins and Messina fame, has supplied my second quotable quote, and I’m sure that’s exactly why he said it.

Loggins was being interviewed for one of Oprah’s shows after she sent her cameras somewhere, and he was asked about popularity or something.

His answer was a lot more memorable than the question.

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Quotable: What lies within

I spent all day Saturday stressing my brain to the limit, trying to think of something I could post on this blog that would amaze and inspire readers everywhere. I found nothing until almost midnight, when I had a brilliant thought. I’d borrow stuff that originated in other peoples’ minds and expound on it. The idea for this post, and probably many others, was born.
I decided to begin a category of posts called Quoteables as a trusty way to help me blog when I don’t have a clue what to write about, which is often. I simply went to a quote website, chose the first quote I came across and told myself I would write what I thought about it, no matter what it said. Here are the first words of wisdom.

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