A WHILE AGO, I bought a box of books.

It’s a new set of paperbacks from Letters of Note, and it should arrive in October.


I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is I finished reading another book today. It’s the second one I’ve read this month.

The bad news is I am still three books behind pace of my goal to read two books a month this year.

What better way to plan how to catch up than to list the next five books I plan to read?

My to-read list is just one of three purposes for this post.

The second is to complete today’s WordPress Discover prompt, which is “list.”

The third is to ask others for additions to my list, which is after the jump.


One of my favorite parts of my journalism job was when veterans told me their stories.

They told me how they jumped onto a beach in France, and they told me about sleepless nights in the Vietnam delta.

Sometimes, though, there were stories they weren’t ready to tell.

Sometimes, those memories were parts of their past they preferred to keep there so we let them lie buried.

There were words they couldn’t say, and scenes they didn’t want to replay.

I always accepted their hesitation without question, but earlier this year a book helped me understand it.