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Heartbreak and history

It was just another Tuesday, and I was just another 15-year-old sophomore in high school. My mind had little regard for anything except girls, sports, what I’d eat for lunch and how I’d get through math class. I didn’t have a cell phone or a driver’s license. I was nowhere near New York City or ...

War stories

  My mama’s daddy died when I was 7 years old, but I learned a lot about him during the 2,815 days we shared.

About Charlottesville

I have listened a lot in the last few days. I have listened to a lot of opinions on a lot of different things since the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia. I have opinions on a lot of things, most of which I will keep to myself because they aren’t important. I will address some things, ...

About stairs

I planned to discuss Mount Rushmore in this column. Instead, I wrote about stairs, persistence and two people I met in an old graveyard. I realize those sentences don’t make sense so here’s a little backstory.

About travelers

I had been on the road just shy of a week, and gone hundreds of miles through four states when we stopped to eat breakfast at a place called The Bear Trap.

Take a trip to: Hank Williams’ house

My phone was going crazy, and it wouldn’t stop.The screen showed a flash flood alert, but I dismissed it and glanced up at a small sliver of road through a rain-soaked windshield. I was on my way to Georgiana, on a trip to see the museum inside Hank Williams’ boyhood home.

Learning to take it easy

When the calendar flips and a new trip around the sun begins, people sometimes reflect on times gone by. They often look back with a focus on mistakes they made or how they can make this year better than the last. This is not that kind of reflection.

A trip through time

Last Saturday, my Mama and I took another trip to the Alabama Department of Archives and History in Montgomery. They were different, but in a good way.

Finishing the fight

Shortly after I woke up this morning, the news hit me like a ton of bricks.

Songs of the nomad

I once read an ebook that included the question asking whether I would live nomadically if I could. It asked where I would go, how I would decide where to go and what life would be like if I didn’t have just one place to call home. The answers, of course, were in songs.