What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?

I haven’t thought enough about my autobiography to have chapters, much less chapter titles.

If I ever write one, I do know what I’ll title the book.

My Nana enjoys dominoes, and so most of us have sat at her table for a game.

Points are scored in multiples of five. If the dots on the outer ends of the domino chain add up to five, 10, 15 and so on the amount goes on Nana’s scoresheet.

I have such a habit of playing so the dots add up to four, nine, 14 and so on.

Each time I play for one of those combinations, my response is, “Missed it by a dot.”

It happens so often I’ve actually said Missed It By a Dot is the story of my life.

Should you find yourself in a Barnes and Noble decades from now and see it on a shelf, well, now you know the titular story.


8 thoughts on “What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?”

  1. Casey: Well stated. Many have suggested I do a book. I have decided to let the Good Lord take care of it. It will come out better if He does.

  2. Writing an autobiography strikes me as such a terribly vain thing to do. And I think I am too vain to do it.
    But forced to do so, I think I’d like to call the whole book just ‘Chapter One’.

      1. Thanks Casey! I can’t think of much that’s autobiographically interesting – do even Chapter 1 of a book entitled Chapter One will be mercifully brief

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