Describe your perfect birthday cake

This is going to be hard to narrow to one, because, well, cake is cake.

I love cake. Simple as that. I love many, many varieties of cake.

Mammaw used to make an apricot nectar cake, and if she could make it today I could and would eat the whole thing myself.

My aunt makes cakes. They’re delectable. I don’t even care what kind. If it’s a Rita cake, I want it.

Her daughter makes the best pound cakes.

This brings me to a culinary question.

Why do they call sad streaks, sad streaks?

They make me happy so I don’t get it.

Red is my favorite color. Red Velvet might be my favorite cake.

Then again, it might be one you’d never guess.

Once, Mama made me a birthday cake.

The icing was mashed potatoes, and the cake was a meatloaf.

Like I said, I love many varieties of cake.

I can’t pick just one.


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