What are the pros and cons of procrastination?

Procrastination is my specialty.

I’ve procrastinated writing this post.

I’m watching a YouTube video right now, and had to talk myself into writing something.

I’ve been a procrastinator a long time, and here are the first pros and cons of procrastination which popped in my head when I read today’s question.

Procrastination pro: Procrastination means you get to do what you want instead of what you have to do.

Procrastination con: Procrastination means you have less time to do what you have to do because you spent more time on what you want to do.

This really bites me when other people depend on me to get things done.

When I worked for the newspaper a lot of days felt long so I found time to do things I wanted to do when I could, and I put the stories I had to write on the back burner.

This led to long nights when I wrote into the wee hours, especially the night before deadline day.

I’d then try to get all the stories written before I went to work the next morning, but since sleep is pretty much a requirement to function, I’d snatch a couple hours of shuteye with a couple of stories still to write.

I was, and still am, a pretty slow typist so my procrastination put the layout artists behind the eight ball on a lot of deadline days.

This wasn’t something I ever set out to do, but I proved pretty good at procrastination.


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