What language do you wish you could speak?

Travel is fun so if we’re talking wishes today I wish I could speak all languages.

“All” sounds a little greedy, though so what I really wish is when I arrived somewhere, the ability to speak the language or languages spoken by locals also arrived.

Short of superpowers, I wish I’d stuck with Spanish.

I took two years in high school and retained enough to pick out a word every now and then, but I wish I were fluent or at least conversational.

Italian seems cool. The food, at least Americanized Italian food, is wonderful.

French, also known as the language of love, might be an asset for obvious reasons.

If someone I knew also spoke it, I could see how a “dead” language like Latin would be invaluable.

“Hoc convivium interminabile est.”

(This banquet is interminable.)

“Visne discedere?”

(Do you want to leave?)

“Plusquam nihil est in mundo. Nam pancakes amor, hinc exeamus*.”

(More than anything in the world. For the love of pancakes, let’s get out of here.)

I think all introverts see why this would be good.

Though it seems avaricious**, I would still love to absorb languages when I crossed borders.

Since such a thing is unrealistic and impossible, I have a question.

Does anyone know, off the top of your head, if Rosetta Stone has Latin?

* Thanks to the Google Translate app

** I figured since I used another language in this post, I could use one five-dollar word


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