Who is your favorite author and why?

I missed yesterday’s prompt and hoped to get back on track with this question, but I’m afraid this will be too hard to narrow down to one answer.

Therefore, a list:

  • Harper Lee — I decided to start with Lee because she’s from my home state and To Kill A Mockingbird is just a good, well-written story. It deserves a spot among American classics.
  • Rick Bragg — I like Bragg’s style and the fact he wrote for newspapers. He’s also from Alabama.
  • Robert McCammon — Probably the final Alabama author on this list (because I haven’t read all of Forrest Gump), McCammon’s Boy’s Life kept me on the edge of my driver’s seat from early in the Audible narration.
  • Markus Zusak — Finally, someone from outside the Yellowhammer State. I have read one of Zusak’s book’s so far, and if you can read only one read The Book Thief.
  • Stephen King — King is a prolific author. His book On Writing is a must if you like words and crafting them into something meaningful. I listened to 11-22-63 recently, the first of King’s novels I’ve attempted to read since I don’t dip into horror much. It was a joyous jaunt through time.
  • Alex Kershaw — A Brit who’s devoted his life to record the stories of America’s greatest generation, Kershaw’s books have been a wealth of World War II knowledge for me.

This is not an exhaustive list of my favorite authors or stories, but it’s a good place to start.


One thought on “Who is your favorite author and why?”

  1. Casey: After close to twenty years in school and constant reading and study, I will not even try. There are just too many. Besides the fact that is is 3:35 AM. I will leave it “Thank God For Books”!!!!

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