What is your favorite meal to eat?

There are so many contenders for this title, which is why it seems I’m on a perpetual diet.

For best restaurant meal, I think I’ll have to go with chicken nachos on flour chips, no peppers, at Mexican Connection.

Home-cooked stuff is a whole new ballgame.

Nana’s meatloaf and collard greens. Pawpaw’s Brunswick stew. Mamaw’s apricot nectar cake.

Mama’s peach cobbler has no rival.

Fried okra is easily the king of vegetables.

Fried green tomatoes are the only way to go.

I could go on and on, but I’m intermittent fasting.


2 thoughts on “What is your favorite meal to eat?”

  1. Casey: I know the feeling. You make me hungary so I feel like eating. However, I have just finished a late supper. Poor me!

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