Why do you write?

Whenever there is a prompt challenge, the odds are good this question will be included.

My answer has changed a few times, and it generally depends on where I am in life.

Early, I wrote because I could.

Then, when I noticed I liked to write some, I figured journalism would be a suitable major in college since it took the least amount of math I could find to get a degree.

Then, for seven years, writing was my job. Part of my job, anyway.

A while back I tried my hand at a short fiction story, which I entered in a contest.

My guess is I was a long way from winning, but the loss didn’t sting.

When you go to journalism school you’re taught not to write fiction so it was a challenge to write another type of story.

These days, I like to write what I want to write when I want to write it.

My answer to the this prompt is simple at this point in my life.

If I write anything aside from prompts or the occasional challenge, it’s because I have something to say.


One thought on “Why do you write?”

  1. Casey: congratulations on doing a great job on doing what God had gifted you to do. Please keep it up.

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