What brings you joy in life?

Many people and things bring joy to my life.

Since I read somewhere people enjoy lists, a list seems like a quick way to run through a couple and answer today’s prompt.

List of a few joys

  • Jesus — I don’t know how I’d start a list of joys any other way, even if this is the definition of a Sunday School answer. Sometimes I thumb my nose at Him because I want to be in control of things. When I inevitably mess things up, He loves me anyway. This brings me joy.
  • Family — My family is the greatest.
  • Friends — I don’t think I could ever express what they mean to me.
  • Food — I love to eat so I am on a perpetual diet.
  • Sports — Since they aren’t my job anymore, the joy of being a fan returns from time to time.
  • Books — There are few better ways to kill time than to get lost in a good story.
  • Travel — Wanderlust is real.

One thought on “What brings you joy in life?”

  1. Hope I’m not commenting twice…love seeing your writing again! I always enjoy your perspectives. If you keep writing, I’ll keep reading! Hope you are well.

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