What is the earliest memory you have?

Boy. Bloganuary asks tough questions.

When I started to think about my answer to this prompt, I thought I had a pretty good memory.

Now, I’m not so sure.

I’ve thought of a lot of memories about growing up, but for the life of me I can’t figure out my first one.

Memories are tricky.

I’ve seen some brought to life on home movies, since the VHS camera was apparently pretty popular when I was a kid.

Family members have told me some stories, too, like being scared out of my skin by a goose honk, but I’m not sure I actually remember them.

I do remember sitting in Ms. Buchanan’s kindergarten classroom looking up at the wall and down at my pinstriped Alabama shirt after I got sent to the corner for talking on the rug during story time.

There are flashes of early memories, but I don’t know exactly when the first complete one burned into my brain.

Sometimes, I wish I remembered my early days more completely, but I think those flashes have taught me why it’s important to be present and soak in moments.

One day, they’ll turn into memories.


5 thoughts on “What is the earliest memory you have?”

  1. Casey: Your latest on memory was right in. I tried and could remember many events. But which is first? However, I enjoyed the memories.

      1. Casey,since my birthday is in October, I didn’t start first grade until I was almost seven…. The dateline was 1942 We lived in Suttles, Al. My mother would pack me a little sack lunch and I would walk about 1/2 mile to catch a school bus which would drop us off at an old l or two room school house!.. i don’t remember my teacher’s name, but, I remember what she looked like. That has been 81 years. Since that time I graduated from high school, spent 23 years in the US Army, 21 years as a foreign missionary, 15 years as a prison chaplain, finished College an MA program and completed my Doctorate of Ministry. Indeed God has blessed me. I never dreamed that I would have come from that day to the present. God bless. Trust you can read this as I am a hunt and peck typist.

      2. I read it just fine. Thank you! You’ve packed a lot in your life. Maybe you can tell me some things while I have my recorder one day.

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