An announcement at the end


Twitter said it best this morning.

Another month means it’s time to take a look at the last one, and there’s also an announcement at the end of today’s post so I guess I’ll get it started.

August began with a July review, and a goal to save some money.

Then there was talk about how important the truth is in these crazy times when things can take a turn in a second.

The blog took a turn to sports.

There was a post about the umpires’ plight, and one about the time I saw a grand slam.

The entertainment thread continued with words about how content creators have changed the way I watch TV, followed by a few words on language.

Play was over when the focus shifted to work, and some gloomy news about a game.

We pondered how the present is a gift, but the talent to draw isn’t a gift I’ve been given.

I looked back on my teenage years, and examined how technology helps helps us learn while we live.

I had a change of heart on a beautiful day, and reflected on the impact of a room.

Then I wrote about why green is great, and so are my parents.

The next day’s muse was music, which was followed by a short post on a fantastic Friday.

Then I wrote a piece of prose about my paycheck, and lamented losses.

Another absolutely short post was followed by a watery regret and a case of wanderlust.

I posted a picture, a list of things I look forward to and a few words about a box of books.

The next post was especially hard, as was one about how much more I need to listen.

August closed with a letter, but also included a highlight I forgot to mention earlier.

WordPress told me the blog reached 1,000 likes Aug. 25, which to me is a cool milestone.

It wouldn’t have happened without you, and I never imagined it in 2011, when I moved the blog to its WordPress home.

I can’t find adequate words to express my thanks to you for the time you’ve spent here.

I hope you’ll continue to read in the future, but I know you won’t read every day.

Today’s prompt, “end,” is the last prompt Sue has planned.

The end has arrived at what seems like the perfect time for me.

I didn’t write for a long time after I left the newspaper.

I just didn’t want to, because I felt burnt out.

A post a day since April has just about burned me out again so I’ve decided today’s will end my consecutive-post streak.

I hope September brings chances to travel more, safely and within my allowed 100-mile radius of course.

If it does, I’d rather not have to rush to post.

I saw an article the other day about what it takes to build a good blog, and one point stood out to me.

Basically, to paraphrase since I can’t find a link, the point was one good post is better than 10 lackluster posts.

I think I’ve written a lot of lackluster posts just to be able to continue to post every day.

I know I haven’t put a lot of effort or thought into most of the latest posts because I’ve been in a hurry or just felt obligated to put some words on the screen.

I’ve decided to stop everyday posts because I’ve never wanted this blog to become an obligation.

I don’t plan to stick to a deadline, because I’d like to take time to put more thought into my words.

I think it’s important to focus on quality instead of quantity for a while, but I’ve got plenty planned for future posts.

Some ideas have stemmed from a few recent prompts, and I’ve kept others to myself because I knew they’d take more thought.

Since there won’t be as much of a regular schedule for posts, you can bookmark this page, follow the blog or subscribe to get every post as an email.

Thank you for reading.

I hope you stay in touch and stay well.

One thought on “An announcement at the end”

  1. Casey: It’s been great. I will look forward to those you share in the future. So please include me in the future posts. God bless!

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