Especially defined

THE DICTIONARY DEFINES especially as, “to great extent, very much,” and, “used to single out one person, thing or situation over all others.”

I had no idea what to write for Sue’s prompt today, which is “especially.”

The definition works well so I’ll just single a few things out.

I like football, especially college football.

It kicks off today.

I like stories, especially longform stories, when I have time to read them.

I’m still in the middle of John Hersey’s “Hiroshima.”

I like to travel, especially to see interesting places or historical things.

Today’s trip was postponed by a deluge, but I added another place to my list.

I like food, especially food I don’t usually eat when I try to lose weight.

I like walks, especially through places I’ve never been.

I like writing, especially when I have something to say.

I like sunsets, especially cloudy sunsets.

I like nights, especially starry nights.

I think words are important, especially last words.

Be kind to yourself, and especially to others.

One thought on “Especially defined”

  1. Casey: A great post. I enjoyed it immensely ESPECIALLY your last sentence about being kind to ourselves and others.

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