A box of books

A WHILE AGO, I bought a box of books.

It’s a new set of paperbacks from Letters of Note, and it should arrive in October.

I’ve bought two earlier Letters of Note volumes, and I’m ready to add these to my collection.

Letters are basically a lost art, but what an art they are if they’re done right.

Letters of Note is letters done right.

It is a collection of letters worth reading, all in one place.

The books were birthed from the website, where you can browse or choose a random letter.

Some of them are sad.

Some are happy.

Some turned the tide of history, and some have turned over my giggle box.

I’m excited to read the books in my preordered box set, which includes volumes with letters about cats, music, love and war.

If you have time to kill, the Letters of Note website is a good way to kill it.

Be careful, though, you can get lost in letters.

This post is a response to Sue’s “box” prompt.

3 thoughts on “A box of books”

  1. Casey: Letters of Note sounds interesting. Though I have never heard of the website I have through my studies read letters from great preachers and other individuals. Maybe when I get through reading the dozens of books, I have on my waiting list, I will check it out. Enjoy reading them! Great post!

    1. If you want to finish your list, I’d finish it first. When I first ran across the website, I lost a lot of time on it.

  2. Casey: I have just went on my amazon account list. They are on there. I have made a note to follow up. Thanks.

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