Pay my check

[T]ODAY I PUT a bow on another work week, for which I earned another check.

Tonight I thought about what a blessing it is to be able to type such a sentence in such crazy times.

I thought about some of the first checks I earned at my first job out of college, when I had a little bit of an idea about what I was doing in the newsroom and a lot of work ethic.

The work ethic was a gift from the people who raised me, and it has served me well.

The little bit of an idea of what I was doing came from a few months of internship work while I was in college at a great journalism school.

I was fortunate to be hired at the newspaper where I’d interned.

The growth I’d experienced because of the staff (who became my friends) there continued.

I feel like the seamless transition I had from college student to professional journalist gave me advantages.

Most of the new-job nervousness had evaporated by the end of my internship.

I knew what was expected of me and what it took to get the job done.

I wanted to contribute to the paper, but I wanted to earn my keep and my check.

The race to the bank at the end of the pay period to deposit my check before the bank closed was a thrill at first, but soon a win just meant more night-shift trips to the Waffle House.

I wrote many a story on my phone in a booth after a ham-and-cheese omelet with double hash browns, double covered.

Then I’d pay my check, go home, go to bed, wake up and work to earn the next one.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is, “check.”

4 thoughts on “Pay my check”

  1. Casey: I love it! Thanks for sharing. Your love for journalism shines brightly. Keep it up my friend. Looking for more to come.

    1. Yes, ma’am. The Waffle House has its own menu language. Double covered means they melt two cheese slices on top of the hash browns.

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