Disappointing news

[C]OLLEGE FOOTBALL MIGHT be cancelled, which seems par for the course in a totally crazy year.

I guess we’ll see, but, as I read the other day, I continue to root for a vaccine.

I think I’ll wait for the official announcements before I comment any more, but today’s news is disappointing.

I realize there are bigger fish to fry. I realize there are a lot more important, and a lot more serious, things going on in the world than whether football is played, but the prospect of a canceled season is disappointing nonetheless.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is, “totally.”

5 thoughts on “Disappointing news”

  1. Casey: Spoken like a real college football fan. I too will miss it. But as you said it has been a crazy time. As much as I will miss it if cancelled, if it saves lives or slows this mess down – very good and thank God. We still, if all goes well, have next year to look forward to. Maybe baseball will continue. If not, I have many good books to read.

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