What I watch

[S]O-CALLED SMART TVs have changed what I watch.

I’ve never been much of a YouTube guy, except to stream a music mix once in a while, but I’ve watched a lot of YouTube lately.

The high-quality production on some YouTube channels I’ve found has been a pleasant surprise.

The best part is it seems like most of those channels started with a person who wanted to tell a story on camera and grew from there.

Before the pandemic put the brakes on just about everything for a while, I got bit by the travel bug and hit the road.

It was fun to set out and see what I could see in weekend trips, and I started to stockpile places by which I was intrigued.

Since coronavirus canceled my travel plans, I took to travel videos and my list of places to go has grown.

I’ve found people who travel the country and document what they experience, like The Carpetbagger — who is on a quest to visit as many old-school amusement parks as possible right now and has done a video at the Boll Weevil Monument — and Adam the Woo.

Through My Lens is another travel vlog which has opened my eyes to some great destinations.

I also love history, and YouTube has no shortage of it.

I’ve stumbled upon the History Traveler series on The History Underground channel, in which the host travels to historic sites and museums to help people see them in a new way.

The stuff (I think the term is “content”) in the series has taught me a lot already.

I’ve also discovered some great music talents through YouTube.

I hope people who put as much time and effort into their videos as I’ve seen from some of the content creators whose content I’ve watched know it’s appreciated, especially in a time like this.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is, “watch.”

2 thoughts on “What I watch”

  1. Casey: Yes, in the midst of all the virus news etc there is some good stuff out there. All we have to do is find it. Thanks for your post.

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