A quick July review

[A]DVERBS DO NOT appeal to me, but Sue said to use one so I’ll use it quickly.

July did not seem quick, but I guess now’s as good a time as any to look back at it.

I don’t take many return trips, but I imagined one to start the seventh month.

I found some good advice in a quote, and wished for a hot Independence Day dessert.

The Fourth of July was a good day for reflection about the price of freedom.

A deal my parents and I made while I learned to walk again did not end well for anybody.

I found a good quote from Mark Twain about what happens when you do right, and pondered how Bob Ross quietly spread positivity.

I took a look back at chances to soar, and a few reasons I’m proud of my country.

I told a tale of two treats and talked about space.

Editors seek errors, and I put on my editor’s hat before I took a night off with a sneaky blank post.

I put together a few thoughts on what it means to be friendly and how I react when people say I’m determined.

A friend sent me a gift, which made me think about why I buy on impulse.

It’s become uncommon to put pen to paper much these days.

I took another Covid-19 test, and learned how to cook peach cobbler.

I examined the importance of quality over quantity, and thought about sound.

My coronavirus test came back negative, which was important information.

Sleep is a need, as is kindness, and it’s important to stand up for what you believe.

Trees have provided good photographs on my travels.

I remembered a story I’ve heard about how a wave could be the difference between life and death.

I took a look in the archives for a story about an adventure, did a podcast review and ended July with a thank-you note to first-time and return readers.

August is off to a good start. I hope it’s the best month yet.

Today’s prompt was, “quickly.”

4 thoughts on “A quick July review”

  1. Casey: Yes, a great start for August. Keep it coming. I look forward to the results. Take care.

  2. I love your monthly recaps of our words.

    I honestly thought that your post would have ended after your first line–you know, a ‘quick’ exit to things. After all, you are famous for your literal interpretations.

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