A podcast review

[I] THOUGHT ABOUT a book review for today’s post, but I fell so short of my reading resolution the details of the last book I read are fuzzy.

I did binge several podcasts, and one has stayed with me so here’s a podcast review.

NPR’s White Lies is a true-crime mystery set in 1965 Selma, Alabama.

Jim Reeb was a preacher who came South from Boston to support the Civil Rights Movement.

He was murdered by a quartet of men who jumped him and his friends on the street.

The podcast looks at the case, the trial which acquitted three men of a long-unsolved murder and secrets some Selma citizens hid for decades.

A lot of the evidence and discussion in this podcast doesn’t paint my home state in a good light, and rightly so if your opinion is based on the barbaric attack which took place four days after the violence of the Bloody Sunday march.

I came along 20 years after the events described in White Lies, but the podcast brought them to life for me.

When I hear about these things, I am saddened.

The injustices which happened in the South during slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and the Civil Rights Movement always make me wonder how someone could treat someone else so harshly with such callous regularity.

I can hardly believe they were once so commonplace and swept under the rug.

I guess my disbelief at such a thing is good.

Maybe it means we’ve made some strides in the right direction.

I was in disbelief for a lot of White Lies, which is seven episodes long.

You’ll find yourself immersed in 1965 Selma and, as the show builds upon itself, you’ll go inside the minds of people who’ve grown tired of their struggle to keep the sordid past buried.

Here’s White Lies.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is, “review.”

7 thoughts on “A podcast review”

  1. Casey: A great post. You were born after these events. I lived through them! Thank God things are much better than then.

  2. Casey: once again I believe my first post went wild. I will try again. A great post. You were born after these events. I lived through them. Than God things are different now,

    1. Thank you, Jeffrey. Two Writers Slinging Yang is another good one, since you’re a writer. Jeff Pearlman, who’s a sportswriter and bestselling author, talks with another writer every week about writing. There’s some language in it sometimes, but it’s interesting to hear writers talk about different ways to write. I’m listening to Tim O’Brien’s episode right now. He’s talking about the rhythms in writing and how they affect word choices and direction, which I noticed a lot when I wrote things. I’ve found several episodes I’ve enjoyed. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great day.

  3. Another excellent recommendation! I’ve heard of Two Writers before, but haven’t listened just yet. I usually can’t go wrong with shop-talk between talented writers. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks again and take care.

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