For your beliefs

[O]RIGINALLY, I PLANNED to write this column about San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Sam Coonrod.

I had never heard of Coonrod until a few days ago, when he made headlines for standing while his teammates kneeled for a Black Lives Matter ceremony.

I read some of the comments the pitcher made about the BLM movement, and I’ve seen the BLM views he referenced on the organization’s website.

I’m not on board with those aspects of the movement, either.

I applaud Coonrod for, literally, standing up for what he believes.

I think it’s important to take a stand for your beliefs and convictions, especially in this day and age.

I had planned to discuss Coonrod’s stand more, to give my opinion on the things he said and the reasons he gave, but I think it deserves more thought than I can give at 10:26 p.m. on a Sunday night.

I will say I continue to believe it’s important to disagree with respect.

I believe the ability to do so is a terrible thing to lose.

I believe we should love one another.

I believe if we can learn to love one another, this world will be a better place.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is, “believe.”

One thought on “For your beliefs”

  1. Casey: I think my first post went wild. I repeat -Well said! I especially like rhe portions “we need to disagree with respect” and “we need to act in love”. Sad to say as a whole this is not happening today. Keep on writing.

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