I can’t cook

[I] CAN’T COOK, but a while ago I tried.

I wanted a peach cobbler for the Fourth of July so Mama helped me learn to make it.

We mixed sugar, flour and milk to make the crust.

I put the peaches in, and she put it in the oven.

Before long, when she took it out again, we had a tasty treat.

I still can’t cook, but I learned to make one peach cobbler.

Chances are, I might be able to make another one.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is, “cook.”

2 thoughts on “I can’t cook”

  1. Casey: I can’t cook period! I don’t believe Lou would let me try because I would make such a mess. But hats off to your peach cobbler. Enjoy another one. Take care.

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