The impulse strikes again

[S]OMETIMES I BUY on impulse.

I’m much better about it now than when I was younger, even though I can be a little more impulsive now than I should have then.

My impulses vary.

For some time, I couldn’t go in a store with an electronics section and not come out with a season of some TV show on DVD.

I’ll admit, it ballooned into a tiny problem.

I grew out of it, but sometimes my eye gets caught and the impulse strikes again.

Yesterday was one of those times.

A hat caught my eye.

In my defense, it was not just any hat.

It was a Braves hat, and it was part of ‘47’s Carhartt collection.

I had almost ordered it when my friend texted.

I decided to respond first, and then another friend texted to tell me about the gift I wrote about in yesterday’s post.

I bought two hats with the gift.

One was a non-Carhartt Braves hat, and the other one was an Alabama hat.

Since I’d fallen down the rabbit hole I bought the Carhartt collection Braves hat, which I’d first seen on Instagram.

Instagram is a fickle mistress.

I’d bought two hats earlier so marketing geniuses somewhere in cyberspace set an add for the hat in the middle of my scroll path.

It didn’t stop there.

After I bought the hat from the Carhartt collection, Instagram introduced me to another hat made of breathable material and great for water sports.

For Father’s Day, I’d helped pay for a tube to pull behind the boat so a hat great for water sports needed no further rationalization.

Rationalization, especially when it comes to purchases, is a slippery slope.

I guess the moral of this story is control your impulses, or you might have four hats on the way to you by mail.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, “Buy.”

4 thoughts on “The impulse strikes again”

  1. Casey: So true! We are all somewhat guilty. I must admit that my major impulse is to buy a book. I am surrounded by books. Books all over the living room, books on a book case in the kitchen, an office full of books, books in the garage, books ready to take to the thrift shop, and finally an IPAD full of retired books as well as about 20 -25 I am reading. There, confession is good for the soul. I have things to before I go on line to see about a new book.See you later.By the way- a great post.

  2. Four hats?!? Wow!!! Hats are fun & strangely addicting though, aren’t they? One farmer we know has a hat on each of his fence posts which goes on for miles!!! Needless to say, he has a LOT of hats, so I think you are still good. 😉

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