More than worth it

[M]Y FRIEND SENT me a gift yesterday.

He said it was because I worked hard to read and edit his doctoral paper, but I think the reward surpassed the work.

He worked much harder to research and write the 147-page project than I did to revise it so I am grateful for the gift.

It was a wonderful surprise, which brightened my day and made the handful of hours I spent in front of the computer more than worth it.

I just wanted to write a quick thank-you to my friend for his generosity.

He has, in a roundabout way, also given me another gift as well — a topic for tomorrow’s post.

I know the paper will be the latest one of a long line of successes, and I hope the line continues far into the future.

This post is also a response to Sue’s prompt, which is, “sent.”

3 thoughts on “More than worth it”

  1. Casey: I wish you had been around thirty three years ago when I struggled for months writing my doctoral dissertation However, you will be a blessing to others you will assist. Keep up the good work.

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