A tale of two treats

[T]HIS IS A TALE of two treats.

It’s not long, because I wrote some of it in the last 10 minutes of my lunch.

I bought myself two treats, which happened to be in my truck with me during my break.

One is a pack of McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies, which I’ve discovered are especially great when they’re warm.

McDonald’s must try to sell them three to a pack, because I ordered two and they asked if I wanted another one.

Since I bought them to celebrate the end of a long work week, and a negative coronavirus test (which I took for precautionary reasons, not because I was sick), I got three.

I’ll pay for all of them tomorrow when I weigh, but diets are meant to be broken.

The cookies were hot enough the chocolate melted fast, and I had to be careful not to ruin the other treat in my passenger’s seat.

I bought “Starry Night.”

My friend’s daughter painted her take on Vincent van Gogh’s classic, and it turned out great.

I hope she paints again soon. I might be in the market for another treat.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is “treat.”

6 thoughts on “A tale of two treats”

  1. Case: Praise God the test was negative. Yes, you deserved a treat.In fact I think you can have anther one (HaHa). God bless.

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