Soar above the clouds

[M]y flight took off a few days after I quit my job.

I’d been landlocked for most of my life, but days after I met my last deadline I boarded a plane and took to the sky.

I landed in Rapid City, South Dakota, after stops in Atlanta and the twin cities.

It was great to just go, and it was a great trip, but I don’t want to talk about the trip.

I want to talk about the flight, and the views you see when you soar above the clouds.

Between seat-back episodes of “The Big Bang Theory,” and my Biscoff cookie crams, I had the good sense to look out of the window.

It’s hard to put a birds-eye view into words so for the rest of this post, here’s a gallery of pictures from planes.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is “soar.”

2 thoughts on “Soar above the clouds”

  1. Casey: Right on! I have flown all over the world, over the oceans, over the deserts etc. I have flown on the most comfortable jets and not so comfortable military planes and helicopters. I have flown in perfect weather and through storms. But, as you said, the views can be absolutely beautiful. Even in Vietnam flying over the Central Highlands was amazing as long as you were at an hight where those on the ground could not blast you out of the air. I have enjoyed
    most flights and there are a few (in Iran and Vietnam) that scared me too death. But I still loved the views. A great post.

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