Advice from a literary giant

[A] few days ago, I planned to use what I thought was a Mark Twain quote as the subject of a post.

It turned out Twain didn’t say it.

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He did say this one, and It fits today’s prompt, “right” so today we’ll get some advice from a literary giant.

Apparently, Twain wrote the quote in a note to a church.

Sometimes, we don’t do right. We should always try.

Twain was right when he said the right thing will bring some people pleasure, or gratify them, and others won’t know how to react.

Maybe there are plenty of pessimists.

The quote is from 1901 so maybe there have been plenty of pessimistic people for a long time.

Today, wrong seems so common it really might astonish people for someone to do right as often as they can.

They may not make the news, but they may stand out.

Maybe they’d stand out because wrong is becoming normal.

I hope not.

If it is, be weird.

4 thoughts on “Advice from a literary giant”

  1. Casey:A powerful post! I am with you in that I pray that wrong is not becoming normal. Most of us, if we are honest, will admit we are seeing trends today we never dreamed of. I pray to God that we will see a move back to the good which should be normal. Keep on challenging us. God bless!

    1. I’ve never read his book, but a school system near me had a leadership program based on it a while back.

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