The days of June

We have come to the end of another month so I thought now would be as good a time as any to go on a written journey back through the days of June.

The first day was a somber reflection on why the change I want to see in the world has to begin with me.

June was filled with a lot of protests around the country, including in Washington D.C.

A landmark I saw when I toured the city last year was set on fire.

Through the story of my laser eye surgery, I pondered how we have to see injustice before we can change it and how easy it has been to turn a blind eye.

I filmed some camera-shy cattle, and wondered at the different designs in the sunsets I’ve seen.

The 76th anniversary of D-Day was this month so I told the story of a man who parachuted into the darkness before the sunrise in 1944, and later gave me what might be my favorite interview.

I crammed three stories about three houses into one post, and then took a trip into the archives for a story about two plays.

I started walking six days a week again and had no doubt it would get easier.

It has.

I didn’t feel so lively the day after my walks resumed, but I did feel thankful.

I never learned to build things the way my Pappaw did, but I offered a few tips on how I build stories.

Sue came up with a wide range of topics this month, which generated a lot of stories for this blog.

There’s a story about the spectacle of a Broadway play, and the importance of connection.

There’s a garden-variety story about a prank, a welcome note to summer and a tale about two friends.

A podcast I listened to on one of my walks brought back memories of a trip I took and taught me something new.

Another trip to the archives brought a glimpse of summer in Alabama, and I decided I’d finally go look at the statue in the center of the city where I went to school.

I enjoyed Father’s Day.

I wrote a post with a suggestion for someone to find something better to do with their life, and then I had to apologize because I was wrong.

The announcement of a MLB season, however shortened, felt like a win.

I told a tale from a time I lost in business, and picked the planet’s best plant.

The Declaration of Independence proved the history of the past can affect the present and the future.

Sue came up with a great idea to encourage people, and I wrote a column about candy.

Change seemed to be a theme this month, and I’ve made a few changes, too.

Finally, we’ve made it to the end of June.

Let’s see where July takes us.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is “finally.”

4 thoughts on “The days of June”

  1. Casey: A great trip down June’s memory lane. Thanks for blessing us with your posts. They were so timely and on target. Keep at it.

  2. I love this summary and each one shows how you are able to take a simple everyday observation, dust it off, and find significant meaning in it.

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