A different design

Today, I went to the beach.

I didn’t stay for the sunset, but I did think about all of the times I have been to the beach to watch the sun go down.

The Gulf of Mexico

Since the Gulf of Mexico isn’t too far from home, it’s a good day trip.

We timed the sunset once.

If memory serves it was 2 minutes and 46 seconds so if you want to see the show you have to time it right.

I’ve seen some good sunsets from the sand, and each one has featured a different design.

The Gulf of Mexico

There have been song lyrics about how God decorates the sky while the sun sinks toward the horizon, but it’s true.

People say no two snowflakes are exactly alike, and I think the same goes for sunsets.

The Gulf of Mexico

When I was younger I didn’t care much about sunsets.

If one was spectacular it might have gotten a passing glance while I went about the rest of my day.

Now, I’m more intentional about it for some reason.

Maybe it’s because when you grow up a little bit you start to realize you’ll get to see only so many sunsets in your life so I’ve made a point to take in as many designs as possible.

From the shore of Lake Superior

4 thoughts on “A different design”

  1. Casey: Absolutely Beautiful! There have been times in my 85 plus years I was not sure I would see another one (especially in Vietnam). But God has allowed me to see many beautiful ones in many countries of the world. I trust there are more to come. Thanks for this post. God bless.

  2. So true in that we only get so many sunsets to enjoy. Like you, I didn’t start appreciating them as much until this past decade, I suppose. Thanks for sharing all of your great pictures. And, I must say that I am envious of your location. I think I’m about maxed out on our northerly climate, where winter seems like it’s a good 7 to 8 months of the year. I’m getting to be too old for that kind of weather!

    1. Haha. I like the cold, but not like y’all get it. I liked to look at the snow for about 10 minutes on my first trip to Michigan, and then I tried to walk in it. It’s hot down here for about eight months, and it’s a humid hot so be careful what you envy. Haha. It is a great place to grow up and live, though.

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