Signs are everywhere

The signs are everywhere.

The next step in the new normal has begun.

Places are open again, or they will be soon.

There’s a lot to grapple with at this point in the coronavirus crisis, and people continue to grapple with it every day.

There are discussions and debates on the news and just about everywhere.

Everybody seems to have an opinion about whether isolation should continue or things should reopen.

It appears things will reopen.

I got my haircut yesterday for the first time in months, which is good because my hair started to resemble the style the Beatles wore when the British Invasion began.

Some colleges have approved voluntary plans for student-athletes to return to campuses next month and begin preparations for fall seasons.

The signs are there.

There are a lot of complicated questions, and I don’t claim to have the answers.

I do think there might be political notions from both sides of the aisle to pass the buck or place the blame on the opposite side, which I think is ridiculous because it doesn’t matter.

If the virus is as contagious as officials have said, chances are cases will spike once people are crowded or closer together.

What matters is whether our healthcare workers and hospitals can handle it.

We have to protect them, just like we have to protect each other.

If openings happen I think those protections should be on our minds, no matter what is relaxed in the way of guidelines.

If places open, I have to make my own decision to go or to stay home.

I have to make my own decision whether I need to wear a mask if they aren’t required.

I have to make a decision whether I’m comfortable in crowds with less than 6 feet of distance if 6 feet is not required, or if the recommended space makes me more comfortable.

I can see both sides of the reopen coin, but ultimately I believe it’s up to me to make decisions which help me do the best I can to protect myself and others as we enter the next phase of normal in the coronavirus crisis.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is “sign.”

2 thoughts on “Signs are everywhere”

  1. Agreed! We all are going to have to take it upon ourselves to act as responsibly as we can for ourselves & others. Numbers will spike again. There is no doubt.

    1. They probably will, unfortunately. I just think there’s not much use for infighting and passing the buck about it. It doesn’t do nearly as much good as using the time to protect ourselves and others until we get through this.

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