A name means a lot

A name means a lot.

It is a badge of individuality carried throughout a life.

I guess it’s a second gift from parents, after life itself.

A name is a valuable present, and the recipient is responsible for what’s made of it once it’s given.

We work to make a name for ourselves. When we’re young we may work to make our name in sports, and see it in the headlines.

When we’re older, our goals may change and we may make a name for ourselves at work or on the rungs of the social ladder.

Some have a dream to see their name in lights, and some see the dream come true.

Some work to make their name worthy of the person they’d love to give it to one day.

Some pass it on to children, for whom it serves as the title of a new story yet to be written.

A name means a lot.

We carry them throughout our lives.

I guess it’s a good goal to try to live in such a way your name is still special to people long after it’s written in stone.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is “name.”

4 thoughts on “A name means a lot”

  1. I chose to keep my maiden name after marriage for that reason. My family name is important to me… it is who I was born as, who I am. My husband 100% agrees & takes my no slight in my choice which also makes me happy.

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