I hate to hurry

I like my job, I like my coworkers and I like my check.

There’s no reason to wish the workday away, but often I wish it’d hurry by anyway.

It may be the only block of time in my life I wish would go faster.

The rest already goes too fast.

I hate to hurry.

I’m not sure why, other than I’m just terrible at it.

My “hurry” is still about the speed of continental drift compared to most people’s pace so I don’t see the point in it most of the time.

The fact is I am just not built for speed.

I hate to rush anywhere, and as somebody whose natural inclination is to take it slow it sure seems like most people hurry a lot.

Sometimes I wonder if they have time to enjoy life since they move through it so fast.

We have only one life to live on earth.

There’s no need to hurry.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is “hurry.”

One thought on “I hate to hurry”

  1. Casey: I loved it! Through my military training I was well versed in simplifying work practices and time management. The only problem was that everyone was in such a hurry I had difficulty in implementing it. It reminded me of the dog chasing its own tail. Oh well, so be it.

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