Value in silence

The world is a noisy place, and the older I get the more I understand there’s a lot to be said for silence.

There’s value in silence.

I dreaded it when I was younger.

Quietness tended to bring things to my mind I liked to keep pushed to the back so I tended to talk too much.

I’ve learned a lot about silence since then.

The most important lesson time and other people have taught me about silence is it doesn’t always mean something is wrong.

Sometimes, people just need time to sit and sort out their thoughts in silence.

Now, I know they’ll reach out when they’re ready.

I think it took me too long to learn the value of time spent in thought or reflection.

Now, I relish it.

I still enjoy conversation, but I understand it doesn’t have to be constant.

I used to wonder if things were off when people were silent, when they didn’t respond to me in the time I thought they should.

Now, I know it may be because they need time alone with their own thoughts.

It may be because they know the value in silence, too.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is “silence.”

4 thoughts on “Value in silence”

  1. Casey: Well said! In am afraid that the art of silence is mainly a thing of yesteryear.With the constant flow of various forms of communication and technology it is difficult to relax our brains and our mouths. Someone has well stated that silence is golden. Amen! May the good Lord help os to practice it a little more.

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