Ready to explore

I’m ready to explore some more.

I had a pretty good list of trips taken and travel goals for 2020, but coronavirus crossed off all of my plans.

Before the virus outbreak, I tried to get out of town most weekends.

There weren’t many plans. Most of the time the plan is to fly by the seat of my pants and see where I land.

One weekend I might land at a waterfall in Florida.

The next, I might land at a memorial in Montgomery.

Sometimes, people ask how I come up with places to go or things to see.

There’s not much rhyme or reason, except to pick a place I want to see and go see it.

Sometimes I get advice from a friend who’s a much better traveler. Sometimes I look on websites for things to see near me, or at least within day-trip driving distance.

I’ll make a little bit of a plan if I want to see somewhere with a tour or if I have to get a hotel room, but in general I just go until I see a reason to stop.

Sometimes it’s OK not to have an itinerary, or at least to go off script once in a while.

Christopher Columbus sailed to find a way to India, but found America instead.

You never know what you’ll run into on an exploration.

I’ve got a list of places to see, and I’m ready to explore some more.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is “explore.”

4 thoughts on “Ready to explore”

  1. Casey: Well stated. Lou and I have travelled a great deal and loved every moment of it. But age and health have curtailed our travels. However, what great memories we have. Hold on to your list for this virus will pass and off you will go. Keep on posting.

  2. I sure hope that you can get to your list of places sometime soon… well, sooner rather than later. We love to travel too and like you, we may plan one or two things, but mostly we prefer to let things unfold. Our lives are so scheduled the rest of the time, why book ourselves up such that we need a vacation from a vacation or that we feel ‘obligated’ to do something?! No thanks, not our idea of a holiday, though for others that kind of planning is right up their alley. To each their own, right?

  3. I too have had to cancel 3 trips so far this year. Let’s hope that not only that the virus problem will be over soon, but that it does not return. My fear is that the travel industry will be devastated for at least 2 years.

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