It was not smooth

I drink one kind of coffee.

Some say it barely qualifies as coffee at all because it barely has any coffee in it, and most of the time I reckon they’d be right.

I drink frozen mochas.

My friend calls them mochas of the frozen variety, and my sister made me one the other day.

It was her first try, and she brought it to me to taste test.

It was delicious, but it was not smooth.

The ice blocked the hole in my coffee cup lid, but once I took the lid off all was well.

My second mocha of the frozen variety had chocolate drizzle.

There was a good coffee-to-good-stuff ratio in her mixture, and once the ice is chipped up a little finer I do believe my sister is on to something.

She’s quite the barista, and one thing’s for sure.

I enjoyed my time as taste tester.

This post is a response to Sue’s prompt, which is “smooth.”

5 thoughts on “It was not smooth”

  1. Casey: You have just reminded me of my coffee drinking days. I was active duty Army for 23 years. We had a saying that all great decisions were made around the coffee pot.In some ways I miss those smooth Cups of coffee. I will not tell you how many cups a day I drank because you would not believe it. One horrible day I woke up with terrible stomach pain. Off to the doctor as I thought I had ulcers. After a number of tests it tuned out I had a case of acid reflux. Among other things I had to give up my wonderful coffee or hurt the rest of my life. My wife is a coffee person and I make it for her. But every time I smell it I remember the good old days. No more smooth cups of coffee. Continue to enjoy yours. I envy your happiness. Some of us must sacrifice (ha.ha).

  2. I’m in the same boat as you with reflux. Most days, I can get away with decaf (not today, however) & once a week I indulge in my pricey Hawaiian fix, but it’s always followed up by a good dose of Gaviscon. Chocolate and I have also had to break up sadly.

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