I wrote a story

Some time ago, I presented myself with a challenge to write a fictional short story because I’d never written one before and I wanted to see if I could.

The result was rejected by at least three magazines and lost one contest, but I think it was a success.

I proved something to myself, which was enough.

Since Sue’s prompt today is “story,” now seems like a good time to post this one.

I guess it’s a tale about how some things change as years go by, and some things stay the same.

4 thoughts on “I wrote a story”

  1. Casey: Not bad, I enjoyed it. Don’t give up try again. I have been asked through the years why I never wrote a book. In short, writing is not my forte. Teaching, preaching etc. is my first love. When it comes to writing I quote a favorite writer of mine who said “I struggle.with every word, sentence and paragraph”. Amen. But at 85 I deeply regret I did not attempt.I still marvel at the fact I made it through 10 years of advanced education. I never took a typing lesson. I use the chicken method (hunt and peck). Who knows what would have happened if I had ventured out in the effort? Do.give it another try you might be successful. God bless!

  2. I’ve submitted a few things over the past few years for publishing to no avail, but it hasn’t stopped me. Looking forward to reading your story when I’m on the computer for ease of seeing the pages better. My old age is showing now.

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