I can relate

Thankfully, I haven’t been able to relate to a lot of the struggles people have experienced throughout the coronavirus crisis.

I can relate to some I’ve seen or heard about, like the indecision I had when the virus first broke out at the same time allergies attacked me in the night.

I called my boss the next day and told him I wouldn’t come to work because I had a cough and sinus drainage.

I couldn’t believe I’d said those words to anybody, let alone a manager.

They went against everything I’d been raised to believe about work.

You don’t call out for sinus drainage.

I sat home somewhere between happy I could wear shorts and guilt-ridden I’d left my coworkers to handle my share because I had sinus drainage.

I can relate to people who’ve been in public and tried almost anything not to cough.

I may or may not have broken wind in a store on purpose once in hopes I’d be able to cough without the judgement of onlookers.

I am thankful I have not lost my job, and I have adjusted to work from home.

I’m thankful my family, my friends and I are healthy.

When I think about what a lot of other people face right now, I’m thankful I have been only slightly inconvenienced by this outbreak.

I’m thankful I can’t relate to the worst this virus has brought to our lives.

However, there is one more thing to which I might be able to relate.

I imagine I can relate to anyone who’s had the thought none of us will need new Halloween costumes this year.

We could all just put on our masks and a pair of sunglasses and go as Bonnie or Clyde.

This post is my answer to Sue’s prompt for today, which is “relate.”

5 thoughts on “I can relate”

  1. I can relate to what you are saying, minor inconveniences & healthy family & friends. Prayers to those whose experiences have been otherwise.🙏

  2. Well put Casey: I to am thankful all our family are doing well. We pray daily for everyone, including all of you in the Enterprise and Level Plains area. We wish we could see everyone but that’s not possible. Not only due to the virus but Lou and I have under lying conditions that keep us from traveling. Thank God for modern technology. Keep up the good work.

  3. So grateful for safe family and friends, my daily prayers are with those who have suffered directly.I so wish things get better soon.
    Stay safe Casey,
    take care ❤🤗

    1. I wish they would, too. Thank you very much. You stay safe, too. I hope all is well with you and your family.

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